Having trouble physically processing all those tensions in a natural way?
Do you want to deal with those blockages and frustrations in life for once and for all?
Looking for an alternative treatment for physical ailments?

Wanting change but lacking the power, courage and guidance?

>> Healing starts up processes of recovery towards a healthy internal balance, but it also challenges you to think big and to build a bridge between where you are coming from, where you are now and where you want to be.

A lot - if not all - of our worries, obstacles and blockages are deeply woven into the core of our being and hence it is often very difficult to access them on one’s own, to get a clear and conscious view on these. You have a strong feeling of not living, but of surviving, of being lived. Manu is your trustworthy partner who helps you to find inner peace and tranquillity, and to “come home” to and in yourself. Using life coaching we first of all pinpoint your “negativity knots”, upon which we unravel and dissolve these by applying soft healing techniques.

Manu is your healing expert with specialisations in:

  • HEALING │ For emotional and physical issues. FOR MORE >>
  • MAGNETISM │ For blockages and pain spots. FOR MORE >>
  • FAMILY CONSTELLATIONS │ For relationship dynamics. FOR MORE >>

>> Healing is not to be viewed as diametrically opposing a medical or psychological treatment. Approach it with an open mind, as a complementary treatment if that be the case.

Using your energetic field you can get in touch and connect with unprocessed emotions and deep-seated convictions remaining “below your consciousness radar”. We work towards your “core”, a powerful and intense process. You become aware and conscious of your tensions and what is behind these, your energy-consumers, but also your energy boosters. The energetic pathways in your body get optimized and you feel as reborn in a positive flow.

>> Healing is a technique activating internal processes. It is appropriate for sick just as well as for physically healthy people, for young and old, in short for anyone who wants to live more energised, more consciously, vibrating with vitality.

Each healing session starts with a brief conversation in which you can freely talk about important themes which you feel are holding you back in life, all in a confidential surrounding. Depending on your personal needs Manu applies one or a combination of different healing techniques, bringing your body and system back into flow.

Activate yourself for that energetic and positive life.


“I contacted Manu when I was in a particularly difficult, emotionally charged time in my life. The grief I felt then, all the emotions, and feelings were literally stuck in my body with i.a. heart pains and frequent respiratory infections as a consequence. The healing was something very intense, and it already started moving a lot during the first session. I felt the blockages being drained through my tears. It was as if I had lost kilos of emotions… as if I had more 'breathing space'.”

Ellen D. T. from Brussels


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