Mindfulness, Meaningfulness, Heartfulness

Manu, Your Life Coach & Healer Partner

On the road to the best possible version of you! From "em-power" to "Me-Power". From  mindfulness to heartfulness.

Did you know there are two things in your life that will never ever lie, and these are: 

your body and your life

"Your life" is meant here in terms of the people in it and the circumstances of it. Are you experiencing a kind of crisis-moment in your life? Would you like to effectively deal with this? Would you like to be able to transform this, to make you feel good again? Do you notice certain recurring themes in your life, situations that seem to repeat themselves, which you seem to experience time and again as if beyond your controle? Searching for an answer to "what is this all about"? Looking to rid yourself of old, negative (thought)patterns? Or maybe you are looking for meaning? With his life coach & healer techniques Manu helps you to re-establish the balance of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. To this end he uses your life's mirror, i.e. what that "mirror" reveals about your own hidden convictions, conditioning and programmes. You will learn how to uncover and release your issues and causes of pains using self-analysis and self-observation in any type of interpersonal setting, putting you clearly in the driver's seat of your life to transform it into the life you would like to experience; coaching towards self-management and balance, to become your own best life coach!

To that end, we take a look into the mirror of your life together, and understand what the reflection says about and for yourself. Anger and irritations are good and useful indicators for this, just as well as your fears, your frustrations etc. We use these negative experiences in your life to transform you, to help you grow towards a positive self-image, self-confident and with a healthy balance. We set out new anchor points for heightened flexibility, regained resilience and increased vitality. Through the transformation journeys offered by Manu we get your energy flowing again and head for the best possible version of you, allowing you to progress in your life consciously, inspired and freed, in happiness. You will in the process learn Mirroring, to be your own best life coach!

Are you ready for a vibrant and positive life? Contact Manu through this website and book your personal life coaching & healing journey at Manu’s practice in Brussels (near the Exit Strombeek-Bever) or through on-line sessions, as you prefer. You can in the meantime already dive into the 'In Me I Trust' book series written by Manu.

Be(come) the hero in the story of your life, and have the whole of your being blossom!

Take a look at the "In Me I Trust" book series

6 books full of meaning and insights on spiritual symbols, and themes such as chakras, co-creation, magnetism, The Christ, The Buddha... and Science

Free book on Mirroring

Mirroring, How to become your own best life coach with the 6 'M.I.R.R.O.R.' steps!


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