Meet & Greet Manu C. R. Legein-Vandenhoeck…

Life coach, healer, magnetiser with extensive academic background with Master degrees in Law and Economics from the University of Leuven (BE) and an MBA from the University of Cambridge (UK). For twenty years he shared his knowledge and expertise nationally and internationally with big organisations and multinationals, working in the finance sector. Manu not only took care of a large portfolio of satisfied business customers, but also aimed for growth, insight and positive energy in organisations and companies.

To he·al
to make free from injury or disease - to make well again - to patch up or correct - to restore to original purity or integrity

Passionate about economy but also "mirrorology"…

Coincidentally, or maybe not that coincidentally, mirrorology (approaching life as a mirror for all that is present within oneself) crossed Manu’s path when he turned 30, at a time when he was looking for a remedy for his infrequent and sudden migraine attacks. Classic allopathic medicine could not offer an explanation nor a relief and solution for the hellish pains he had to go through. He discovered the power of mirrorology, and likes to call himself a "mirrorologist", and was introduced to the principles of electromagnetism in human beings, in our food and drinks, and how a lack of electromagnetic balance can give rise to a number of health issues which allopathic medicine cannot explain.

We are all matter, but as Einstein already indicated with his famous equation E = mc² matter is made up of energy. Through a change in drinking and dietary habits, taking into account the electromagnetic charge of every food item and drink, my system regained its electromagnetic balance, and my migraine disappeared.

Practice what you preach…

Extremely inquisitive and highly fascinated by the power of body and mind Manu has studied over the course of the past 10+ years a wide variety of spiritual-energetic techniques. The wall in his practice room is adorned with a wide range of certificates from different healing courses, spiritual seminars, chakra workshops, electromagnetism, alfa (brain waves) training, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), family constellations and massage techniques. He above all enjoys being his own “guru” and teacher using Life as mirror, i.e. through a continuous self-reflective stance connecting what is externally observed back to his own behaviour, feelings and thoughts.

I want to share my positive experiences and put my transformational knowledge at the service of those who want to work on their personal growth, on self-help, self-development and goals in life, and who are  prepared to self-observe and self-manage to achieve that… on the path towards healing and reaching their full potential. It’s not about “the others”, "the mirrors", it’s all about you! 

Manu poured all his knowledge and insights into a number of e-books which have been downloaded by a worldwide audience: the e-book series ‘In Me I Trust’ and the book ‘In You you should trust’ can be purchased through this website. Interested in a personal transformation journey with life coaching and healing?

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