Breath(work) Circle “Breathe yourself free”
Friday July 5th - 08:30pm - GC Nohva, Peter Benoitplein 22, 1120 Brussels (Neder-Over-Heembeek)

Discover the power of your breath to release negative convictions, conditioning or programming if you wish, from your body-mind-energy system, to free you from burdensome thought patterns and associated strong emotions.
Breathing becomes healing... respiration becomes transformation !

For a theoretical explanation of the functioning of your respiratory system and accompanying breathing exercises which you can continue to do at home - and definitely also at work - with a view to, for example, reduce experienced stress and increase a sense of inner peace, please refer to the preceding 07:15pm session for which you can register via the yoga center My Life Healing. For more information on this session and registration, please click the link below

Explore the possibilities of your breath

In this subsequent session of 08:30pm, the breath circle, you will tackle the root cause of the stress you experience in your life, to “liberate” yourself from recurring negative thoughts, expressions of limiting beliefs that keep you in their grip. You do this through Conscious Connected Breathing.
"Conscious" because you consciously work with your breathing, and with your (transformation) intention for the breathwork you will be doing. 
"Connected" because the inhalation and exhalation follow each other in a connected manner, meaning without pauses between the inhalation and exhalation.
During this breath circle we explore in group the power of your breathing to release and transform.

Course of the session:

  • We start with a short meditation to "land".
  • Follows a concise theoretical framing concerning your emotional memory, and how nasal breathing can provide a direct connection to that part of your brain. To ensure the session feels safe and secure, safe enough for you to step into the breath circle, we also check what you need to feel safe.
  • Next you determine the intention for your Conscious Connected Breathing session of the evening, specifically which limiting belief do you wish to breathe yourself free from that evening. To assist you with this, the "Personal Lies" questionnaire is used, which assesses the negative thoughts and beliefs that you have accepted as truth... until now. You can and may of course also make an intention around a physical pain.
  • When that is done, the actual breathing session starts, which you do lying down on a mat, with a blanket of needed. The breathing session lasts about 45 minutes, accompanied by music.
    Sounds long? That time flies by.
  • The session ends with a rest period of 10 minutes, for integration.
  • The evening is closed with a short sharing round, a so-called check-out.

People suffering from astma, throat or respiratory infections, or chronic hyperventilation, cannot participate as Conscious Connected Breathwork requires intense breathing for optimal result.

There is a limit on the number of participants, max 12, so register quickly by clicking the below.

Experience the transformative power of your breath

Below once again the details of the breath circle:

*Date: Friday July 5th
*Time: 08:30pm
*Price: EUR 35
Please note the payment page charges up to 2.9% - or EUR 1,02 - on top of the participation fee - just so you know.
Your participation is assured after receipt of payment.


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