2 things in your life that cannot, and will never, lie to you

This is the English translation of the article published in Forbes France, June 27th 2022 (in collaboration with Médias France).
Text cover photo: "Getting to the root causes of the symptoms".
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https://www.forbes.fr/mediasfranc e/in-me-i-trust-manu-legein/

In everyone's existence, two things never lie: the body and its signals, as well as life events.

Treat the ailments differently, at the root

After studying law and economics, Manu started to work in the banking sector. His budding career is marred by a recurring problem: severe migraines accompanied by nausea. No doctor can alleviate his pains, no apparent physiological problem could be identified. There was nothing wrong at first sight. It is then that mirrorology crosses his path, and it is a revelation. This fantastic approach allows us to see what surrounds us as a mirror of ourselves, teaching us things about ourselves. Through self-observation in concrete situations, it is possible to replace the automatic reactions that make us experience and relive recurring situations in life. This helps counter negative habits and thoughts that generate stress, which, in turn, has a detrimental impact on people's health.
And it was during one of the mirrorology sessions back in 2003 that Manu met someone who advised him to go see a doctor who had developed an intriguing new health approach based on electromagnetism. It works! The migraines disappear! Fascinated, it was then that Manu decided, in 2003, to train both in mirrorology, but also regarding the physical and energetics of the human body, the chakras, astrology, neurolinguistic programming, magnetism, different techniques of energy healing, breathwork (rebirthing), reflexology and family constellations… just to name those.

Retransmit what one received

In 2018, after 15 years spent training and learning, Manu decided to put his experiences and knowledge at the service of people looking for remedies for their physical, emotional and mental suffering. The wide range of training courses he has followed allows for a holistic approach that takes into account the body and the whole of life. This is why the coaching journey always starts with a life analysis session using mirrorology, allowing you to discover yourself and eliminate the layers that weigh on the heart. You cease to be in a perceived powerless victim position by learning how to self-manage and analyze others as a mirror of yourself… becoming aware that all in your life begins and ends in you. Then, depending on the themes and needs that emerge from this first analysis, Manu will be able to offer his different techniques and methods adapted to everyone's needs: breathing sessions, guided meditation, energy healing, or magnetism for example.
All these techniques allow you to relieve physical ailments and activate positive energy within yourself: find strength and courage, and overcome your blockages and frustrations. You truly become the conscious guide and director of your life. Ultimately, it’s like a rebalancing where the energy circulates better, gets back into movement in a positive way and without obstruction.

A journey of self-discovery 

People who consult In Me I Trust Coaching & Healing want to understand and overcome the problems they encounter in their daily lives. They are willing and ready to deep-dive into themselves, to (re)discover themselves and free themselves from blockages and conditioning which often date back to childhood and which have become unconscious programs running their life. The majority of customers come for several years, at their own pace and according to their desires and timing. For example, it can sometimes take several months to integrate healing, new habits and new ways of thinking. This is why Manu never schedules a new session. It is the coachee who will decide to schedule a next meeting when he or she feels ready or feels the need.
However, Manu remains permanently available via WhatsApp between sessions to keep in touch and answer any questions from the coachees he accompanies on their journey. Some sessions, notably the first contact, can be done remotely over the phone. However, other services such as guided meditations, family constellations or magnetism take place in person in Brussels.
Between sessions, coachees can also watch Manu's YouTube videos freely available on his website.


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