Mirrorology, looking at the other to peer into oneself

This is the English translation of the article published in Marie Claire France, March 28th 2022 (in collaboration with Médias France).
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Mirrorology is an approach to Life according to which the other is a mirror in which it is possible to discover hidden aspects of oneself, those blind spots we otherwise remain unaware of. Manu uses this “mirror effect” to support the transformation of his coaches and their lives.

Discover in the other what is hidden within yourself
Manu is not a secret agent, but he leads a double life, in finance and in personal development coaching. His professional activity in the world of business allows him to put into practice on a daily basis what he teaches to his coachees. Manu uses mirrorology in particular, also called the “mirror effect”. Indeed, all human relationships have the gift of reflecting in others what is really found within oneself.
A feeling of anger, a negative reaction or emotion in response to the behaviours of others, reveals a fear or a hurt within oneself.

Take stock of your life, to transform your life
The coach has a training in many tools, such as mirrorology of course, as well as in neurolinguistic programming (NLP), family constellations, reflexology and different energy healing techniques. Manu is also interested in astrology and the energetic centres of the human form and system (aka chakras).
A wide range of knowledge which allows him to analyze the lives of his clients. The live a client leads identifies that coachee's conditioning and programming, directing him or her in their life at the subconscious level. Mirrorology is a technique that leads you to become aware of repetitive patterns in particular, and provides the keys to transforming your life.

Take charge of your life, to direct your life
Manu is convinced that the following two things in life will never lie to us:
the body and the signals it gives, and the events of one’s life, their circumstances and the people involved.
Becoming aware of this allows you to regain conscious control of your life. In doing so it becomes possible to go from “victim”, by looking for excuses outside of oneself, to “hero”, consciously taking responsibility.
Manu has written a short e-book, available free of charge from his website, in order to learn more about this mirror effect, and how to use it to understand the exterior as a reflection of oneself and get to understand oneself ever more… to truly dis-cover – better still “un-cover” – oneself.

Videos are also available on Manu's Youtube channel, containing tips and tricks for self-guidance, transforming the way you approach your life, based on the imagery and symbolism of spirituality.


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