Healing techniques bring balance, peace and energy in your life and repair the harmonious connections between the golden triangle of “body, soul and spirit”. Manu chooses the most appropriate healing method or a combination of healing methods depending on your situation:

HEALING │ For emotional, mental and physical issues.

Based on VortexHealing®, it goes deeply into issues and blockages of a physical, emotional-mental and energetic nature. We put the focus on mending the connection with who you really are and who you want to be through cleansing of all 7 (physical, emotional, 'I-ndividu-al', social, etc.) layers of your being, whereby your 'sabotaging' convictions and issues are transformed and released. We discover these limiting and blocking convictions, your blind spots, using mirroring, based on the works of Willem de Ridder, NLP and Taladoni Coaching. Say hello to inner peace, space and balance.

>> You sit or lie clothed in a chair and using the steps of a treatment protocol developped by Many your energy gets freed, to transform and flow again. Your attention remains with yourself, your bodily sensations, your feelings... and your thoughts you let come and go.

MAGNETISING │ For blockages and pain spots.

Manu can pinpoint blockages and pain spots. He does this using the electromagnetic nature of your body and the energetic fields in and around the hands. As a magnetiser he gathers all the energy present in the room and targets the pain spots neutralising the blocked, stuck energy in your body. Step by step your body’s functioning will improve, ever more as it should, in natural flow.  

>> While lying clothed on the treatment table Manu uses the laying on of hands to transfer healing energy to your body and system, allowing for a relaxing and soothing experience. In a spot needing particular attention the energetic blockage is removed with counter-clockwise hand movements and healing energy gets infused with clockwise hand movements.

FAMILY CONSTELLATIONS │ For relationship dynamics.

Feeling held back at times? Having trouble making your own choices or finding your own place in life? Having trouble getting clarity as to the underlying themes of the blockages you keep experiencing in your life? Experiencing difficulty in realising what you want to put out into the world, your life goals? Oftentimes the causes of these can be found in unconscious patterns and convictions derived from childhood experiences and which get passed on within your family system. Just as well, themes you live can be very similar to that of parents, grandparents and/or other relatives. A family constellation reveals the connection between individuals (family members) and experienced tensions and recurring situations. An illuminating experience. Based on the work by Bert Hellinger.

>> From an analysis of your family (hi)story a number of family members or issues are selected, and according to your indications placed energetically, "constellated", in the room. This exercise brings to light tensions and blockages in the family-hierarchical system, releasing these and opening up again your and your family’s field and system. This provides for fresh insights and understanding... and a discovery of what you yourself carry from your family system, to free yourself from whatever is burdening you from that level.

BREATHWORK │ Through breathing arriving at healing and transformation.

The same coaching technique is applied as with Healing to find out your limiting beliefs (about yourself and your world), your blocking conditioning. With "Breathwork", Conscious Connected breathing is applied, also called Rebirthing. This technique is based on the work of Sondra Ray.

>> While lying on a mat in comfortable clothes, you will be asked to state your intention at the beginning of the breathwork session, in your own words. That intention refers to the conviction, the conditioning that you wish to release and transform. You then breathe "consciously connectedly" for some 45 minutes; “consciously” as you will very consciously be using your breath to achieve healing. The "connected" part refers to the fact that you keep breathing in and out without pauses, the inhale and exhale happen in a connected rhythm without stopping. As a session guide, Manu always stays by your side and can perform specific gestures or pronounce specific words or sentences (at the start of the session it is always checked whether you are ok with being touched and whether there are certain words you do not wish to hear).

MARCONICS │ For Ascension and connection with the Higher Self.

Activate yourself for that energetic and positive life.


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