The “In Me I Trust” Journey: for the best possible version of you

This journey takes you along the following route:

1) first 2 steps = 2 preparatory sessions, for more energy: 

one session with energetic cleansing using electromagnetism (~energetic cleaning) + one session for prepping your physical body and energetic system, and insertion of energetic treatment structures for the next 3 sessions (~energetic boost of your system);

2) the “7 to Heaven” route, 7 transformation steps = 7 main blockages removed, for more daring, confidence, joy in life, love, self-expression, inner peace and freedom:

(i) your biggest fear, (ii) your biggest guilt, (iii) your biggest shame, (iv) your biggest grief, (v) the biggest lie in your life, (vi) the biggest illusion in your life, (vii) your most important clinging to ? (to be determined in the personal coaching timeslot) are one after the other and per session analysed, understood and released, for total personal transformation.

*Each session takes 2.5 hours... which seem to fly by, and which are also necessary :

1h for your personal life story and the analysis of the main blockages, to formulate the theme of the session in your own words, and 1.5h of treatment.  We allow for at least 2 weeks in between the different sessions, for processing and integration. During the talks about your life story you will be handed the principles of Mirroring.


EUR 200 (incl. VAT) per session of 2.5 hours.


Activate yourself for that energetic and positive life.



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