Meditations Journey “Breathe yourself free”: for deep inner peace, release and grounding

This journey consists of 3 guided meditations using your breath as the “engine”:

1) “The Sea & the Inner Guide”: aimed at experiencing deep inner tranquillity, like that of the calm Sea, and then going in search of a solution to the theme indicated by your body during this meditation.

In this journey an “inner tranquillity place” is created to which you can always go back when in need of inner peace, by meditating on this tranquillity-place inside (the “Sea” part of this journey). Next to this a painful theme flagged by your own body is released and a Love & Compassion place in your heart centre is created for this (the “Guide” part of the journey);

2) “The Lemniscate” or the Infinity symbol: aimed at filling your belly, spine, heart centre and thymus with life force, and then using the lemniscate to heal and let go of a certain situation.

During this journey you fill your whole torso with life force, with the aid of your breath. This is deeply energizing and can be pretty intense. Afterwards we use the 2 loops of the lemniscate-8 to release and heal a situation you face, with a person or concerning a recurring theme you experience in your life;

3) “The Inner Tree & Rainbow”: aimed at grounding and consciously activating and cleansing your different energetic frequencies and centres.

This journey is aimed at grounding yourself, where you actually visualize yourself as a tree with roots going deep into the Earth. The Rainbow in turn is aimed at consciously experiencing, opening, clearing and harmonising the 7 primal chakras in your system.

Each guided meditation takes 1 hour. Price: EUR 125 (incl. VAT).

More meditations are possible by appointment.


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