After some intensive and difficult months in which it was all more about surviving, about worries, dilemmas, emotions, energy loss, I looked for an appropriate way to get direction in my life again, to live again, to feel energetic. I was somewhat ill at ease for the first session, but from the first contact with Manu I felt reassured and at my ease. With the sessions the survival mode started turning into living mode again, I felt my energy flowing again. In the meantime I already had sessions on fear, on sorrow, intense sessions but very instructive. Together with Manu I look for appropriate ways of reacting in situations, and not have fears take over, allowing sorrow and dealing with it. In many situations I also think about the theory of mirroring, which can be confronting at times but always an eye opener. I highly recommend!

Veronique G. from Londerzeel


The family constellation with Manu made me more conscious, and brought me more unity and less conflict between my own masculine and feminine sides. Manu provided me with clarity on the patterns which I was carrying from my childhood years and upbringing. Becoming conscious of these gives me the power to change them. For me, it is a step towards living more in the now, more conscious and more stable.

Carine V.D.B. from Dilbeek


Other, better insights for more quality in your life. This is for me the value and return you get from working, evolving and growing with Manu. It is about choosing to no longer let your environment and urges direct your life. With the aid of Manu I have grown strongly from the inside out, towards a more stable and valuable relationship and job. Sit back, relax and trust! And harvest the fruits of the metamorphosis.

Erik D. K. from Dilbeek


“Truly seeing that you regularly end up in the same situations is a big step. Understanding why you always end up in them, is something different. Manu gave me, through his knowledge and experience in life, a clear view on the answers to my questions. He does this in my experience at your pace and in the way best suited for you. For the more “proud” and rationally oriented people amongst us – like myself: it all comes with a scientific explanation if you want it, without Manu being judgmental or getting all woolly.”

Yannick from Ghent


“I contacted Manu when I was in a particularly difficult, emotionally charged time in my life. The grief I felt then, all the emotions, and feelings were literally stuck in my body with i.a. heart pains and frequent respiratory infections as a consequence. The healing was something very intense, and it already started moving a lot during the first session. I felt the blockages being drained through my tears. It was as if I had lost kilos of emotions… as if I had more 'breathing space'.”

Ellen D. T. from Brussels


"Over the course of my process of self-development I kept bumping into the same problems, the same issues, as a result of which I had the feeling I could not make any progress anymore. Manu entered my life at the right moment because the time for me was right to tackle these issues once and for all. Thanks to Manu I found the right way of approaching these issues, to let these go. He provided me with the necessary insights to release them lovingly."

Caroline D. W. from Ghent


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